Friday, April 17, 2009

A Tour Through Casa de Caldwell (is that correct?)

A very brief tour through my house. The decor isn't all that great but its homey and I like it! :) Enjoy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cheesy post update!

Pocket sized guide to Atkins
<----- I am currently eating Low Carb..actually Atkins. I've lost 9lbs since starting bringing me from 146lbs (ish) to 137.5lbs! This is copied from my sparkpeople blog. Don't laugh..don't mock :)

Okay so the FIRST thing that always turned me off on this diet was the fact that it would be hard to work around my family's likes and dislikes. My son is long as there is something to dip in he's good but my Husband is another story. He doesn't like anything labeled "diet" "low-fat" "low carb" or "sugar free" so of course he's just difficult! That was the main thing BUT I'm seeing that as I challenge myself, learn more recipes, learn to adapt, and generally just be more creative with my cooking/choices its actually really friggen easy!

Like the other day, my husband wanted Mexican food. So we go to our favorite place. My usual order was a chimichanga smothered in cheese with rice, refried beans and pico. So yeah that was obviously out. So I freaked a little bit. Nervous about what I was going to order. I almost asked him to take us somewhere else, but realized that it would be very rude and selfish of me. So what did I do? I ordered a taco salad. I ate the insides, took off the pico (I dont like it) and ate the meat, cheese and lettuce! So that is what I mean. I relaxed was able to enjoy myself, didn't feel upset or deprived when my son and husband were gobbling down the chips and salsa and cheese dip! I felt in control and PROUD of myself! Now if only I could figure out how to handle the Japanese place LOL.

This WOE is really helping me with my self esteem. I know that sounds very silly but its the truth. Food doesn't control me nearly as much as it used to. My pants are no longer tight (in fact they are almost falling off of me!) I am not always planning my next binge, what I would eat, how I would hide the majority of it from my husband so he doesn't see how much of a pig I am! I eat. I eat very well but I don't gorge myself. I leave the table feeling satisfied and full but not stuffed to the brim. I rarely get tired after I eat. I take my vitamins everyday. I drink a ton of water everyday. I feel HEALTHY now! I may not have a lot to loose but its starting to shift away from that. It's starting to become more about how I feel then how I look! THAT is the amazing thing about this I should say WOL because I cannot see myself stopping anytime soon! I have cravings, but they are not what drives me anymore! I can tell myself no and actually accept that. So lost story short! THANK YOU!

Edited to Add: In no way am I perfect on this diet. I still have moments where I really crave something, or I'm just a bottomless pit. Ask my friends they know! *Waves at Michelle* But they have decreased in control is 99.5% stronger now then it was before! That was my main point of this post! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Long time no see..

Yeah I know! Spank me *please* I've been naughty and neglected this blog! I have forgotten, intended to, and just plain almost gave up on blogging. BUT I'm back! So yeah!

Expect a better blog a bit longer from me later. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A bit of Friday LoLz for your viewing pleasure...ENJOY!!!


Friday Toasty Style
up at 6am-shower/dress/coffee breakfast made
7am-11am-work shift
(during shift)-Trent gets dressed, eats, brushes teeth, makes bed
(during shift)-Trent can watch PBS or Disney (his choice)
11:15am-lunch time (pb sandwiches for Trent)
noon(ish)-free time (no tv, cleaning up, or internet)
1pm-quiet time (nap or read or schoolwork)
2pm-clean up-sweep kitchen, dishes, laundry, beds, vacuum, etc
3pm-homework, trent can play on the computer for a bit
4pm-outside for trent
5pm-whenever Colin gets home-get dinner ready, set table, quick tidies (if needed)
8(ish)-start getting trent ready for bed, reading time, teeth
9pm-bedtime for little man (mommy reads and if she's not ready to pass out, does some more homework)
10pm-mommy's bedtime

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well today is going to be rather easy. I did a major clean up yesterday and got the things (mostly) done that I wanted. So today will go as follows (housekeeping wise)
  • laundry-wash/dry/put away-DONE
  • vacuum (all over)
  • mop kitchen floor
  • basics (dishes, beds, etc)
I do need to get a good chunk of homework done today! I will not post a list but I will probably be spending a good deal of time on this. I'm trying not to fall into the same trap as before.

Diet wise, I've had some more lapses, but today I'm determined to keep it. I will update with a food log for today, later.

UPDATE: Yesterday was pretty okay. I got some cleaning done. Not exactly what was on my little list but my house was in order when I went to bed.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Okay, I've decided I won't give up. I'm going to chug along and try my best to get this crap done (school) and over with. I won't go back right away since these are my last three classes for my Associates. What I'll do is take a break. See if after a month or so I have the desire to continue then I will see what I want from there. Today I'm going to have to crank out a paper, take a couple of quizzes and finish up my readings. That ought to be fun! But hey! That's what they make ephedra for isn't it? lol

So we got our refund in and that helped A LOT! We've paid almost all the bills that we have and will have enough money to save up and enough to just blow on hats! How's that for economic stimulus!? LOL That is a big relief as money is always a problem here.

On the diet front, I got enough good carb foods to eat today so that will be wonderful :) I will get that wagon and smear something icky on it so I don't want to eat it lol. Ohkay that wasn't a good visual but I think the point is clear. I'm going to work it! I saw such a good loss those days I was good (yes most likely water but hey it was a move in the right direction lol)

That is my minor update. I won't be around much this weekend because I'm trying to get this stuff done :) Have a good one!